Punky G. (G stands for Giants!)

1) What is your favorite color? Orange & black! It’s what I bleed as a life-long Giants' fan. When the Giants moved west from New York I told my parents we had to move too. And we did! After getting that wish granted, I was spoiled and a Giants fan forever.

2) How long have you lived in San Francisco? For 24 years and counting. Even though I was conceived in Berkeley and born in New York, my roots to the City run deep. My grandmother was a public school teacher here. My mom was born here. I was married here. My son was born here. I guess that makes me a fourth generation (skip a beat) San Franciscan.

3) What are your favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco? The Mission: For the Lemon Shaker Pie at Mission Pie and a burrito around the corner. The Embarcadero: For organic Gravenstein apples at the Farmer’s Market and the beautiful Giants’ ballpark just down the street. Hayes Valley: For my daily dose of Blue Bottle Coffee and blueberry pancakes at Stacks.

4) If you could completely blow up one particular thing in San Francisco, what would it be and why? (bar, area, statue, event, law, person?) Sutro Tower has got to go! But blowing up eight tons of steel could get messy. I'd try to find some metal-eating termites to unleash on this hideous monstrosity of urban erectile dysfunction.