Charlie “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” Roderman

My best friend Charlie died last month on October 21, 2012. I still can’t believe he’s gone. We’d been friends for 25 years. Charlie was a good man with a loving wife (Winifred), daughter (Leah), grandson (Max), and two cats (Mochi & Pele). He loved them all dearly, and they loved him. Charlie also loved jazz, books, Shakespeare, baseball, lefty politics, and justice for everyone (except umpires).

John & Nancy with Charlie & Winifred at McCovey’s

Back in 1987, Charlie and I went to the first of our many Giants’ games. There were so many great memories, at both Candlestick and the new ballpark. Our last ballgame was June 27, 2012 (watching the Giants sweep the Dodgers!) I never dreamed that sunny day would be our last baseball game together.

At the ball yard 6-27-12. Go Giants!

There is an emptiness in my life now. I miss Charlie. I think about him everyday. I am grateful for the many great times we shared and for all the wisdom, knowledge, and sound advice he generously gave to me over the years.

Punky G. learned to appreciate the Yankees and love New York from Charlie.

Carlos, adios su amigo! Juan

Charles L. Roderman



  1. Jane Halsey

    I am so sorry to hear this! I was researching Charlie to find out where he was now, to invite him to a memorial party for my father, Maxwell (Bud) Arnold, who died last year at 94. Dad loved Charlie, and all the things that Charlie loved, Shakespeare, the Giants, and lefty politics included.

    Best wishes,

    Jane (Arnold) Halsey

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