Crashing The Cottonwoods… what a steal!

Punky G’s Scottsdale Spring Training Scouting Report continues… Currently crashing The Scottsdale Cottonwoods Resort & Suites (6160 N. Scottsdale Road) just 3.5 miles from Scottsdale Stadium… So far staff and junior management have totally bought into our promise of unlimited free pub on the Punky G. blog site in exchange for a nice little suite with poolside amenities. Sweet!

On the baseball front, I can report the Giants are looking to steal, steal, and steal more bases in 2012. Punky G. likes this idea! My sources heard Melky Cabrera and Angel Pagan were working on sliding drills. Remember, it’s only stealing if you get caught. For those keeping score at home, it looks like this on your scorecard: CS2(2-6) runner caught stealing 2B (catcher to shortstop)

Other items to report before the first Spring Training game at Scottsdale Stadium on Saturday include a Willie Mays sighting! He was holding court with a group of younger players and they appeared to be hanging on his every word. They better be if they expect to hang around the SHOW. Something else worth noting is that in addition to Melky Cabrera adding more speed to the top of the Giants order he also has an above average arm in the outfield, and that could mean more put outs on runners trying to advance.

Other baseball related items of import include an email from the Office of The Commissioner of the Cabell Baseball Draft informing me the 2012 draft will be held on Saturday, March 31st (either in Santa Clara or Los Gatos). Exciting! Time to put down the SI swimsuit edition and start crunching the pre-season MLB mags…

I’ll tell you more about this legendary baseball fantasy league in my next report. For the record, the Cabell Baseball Draft is now heading into its 43rd season as the oldest and most continuous baseball fantasy league in the United States! It’s a keeper league and only three baseball statistics are counted: home runs, wins, and saves. It may sound easy, but like baseball it’s damn hard! Stay tuned…

Punky G.’s Spring Training Schedule for Scottsdale Stadium:

Sat. Mar 3 vs. Diamondbacks at Scottsdale Stadium
Mon. Mar 5 vs. Brewers at Scottsdale Stadium
Wed. Mar 7 vs. Rockies at Scottsdale Stadium
Fri. Mar 9 vs. Reds at Scottsdale Stadium


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