Baseball is cheating

I can’t say enough about the book: The Baseball Codes: Beanballs, Sign Stealing, and Bench-Clearing Brawls: The Unwritten Rules of America’s Pastime by James Turbow.

Here’s an excerpt from the book that qualifies for inclusion in Punky G. (G Stands For Giants):

When shortstop Chris Speier joined the San Francisco Giants as a 20-year-old in 1971, living legend Willie Mays pulled him aside for a lecture. “Listen, we get everybody’s signs and we relay those signs,” he informed the rookie, “so you better start thinking about it and doing it.” Legend has it that Mays was alerted to the pitch for every one of the four home runs he hit against the Braves on April 30, 1961, thanks to Giants coach Wes Westrum, who had broken the Braves’ code and was signaling the slugger with a towel. Mays in turn taught his secrets to Bobby Bonds, and Bonds passed them on to the next generation of Giants youngsters. “We were the best [sign-stealing] team I’d ever seen at the time,” said pitcher Steve Stone of the Giants’ 1971 squad. Westrum, he said, “would have all the [opponent’s] pitches down” within three innings.

You can buy this book on Amazon for just $10 bucks. At that price, it’s almost like stealing!


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