Look at that rally squirrel go!

A World Series Game 6 for the ages tonight! Like a dead red Zombie that’s road kill after being splattered by a Budweiser truck, the Cardinals refused to die. Down to their last (season ending) strike twice they mounted two two-run game tying rallies! They also became the first team in World Series history to score in the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th innings. UN F***ING BELIEVABLE! That St. Louis rally squirrel is NUTS to the wall!

On the flip-side, the Rangers became the first World Series team to have three blown saves in one game. What does it all mean? The Rangers find themselves where the ’86 Red Sox, ’91 Braves, and ’02 Giants were once: Just try and comeback from a devastating Game 6 loss on the road. If history and BIG MO are any indication, TEXAS IS TOAST!

And as an unintended consequence, Giants’ fans can enjoy one more day as reigning World Series Champs. (hehe)


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