Chalupas and Candy…

Meanwhile, back at the Powder River Lounge we’re sucking on ice cubes, Don’t Stop Believin’ blares on the jukebox and we’re watching the 2011 post-season on the telly. Without our beloved Giants. In fact, the only whiff of the Orange & Black this October appears in the Taco Bell XXL Chalupa spot featuring Brian Wilson and his over the top lines of “black ops” and “inner deliciousness!” The spot was funny the first time, but now it’s getting a little long in the beard.

Some great pressure-packed games though. The amazin’ 1-0 Game 5 NLDS duel between Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay. For me, and a few other long-time Giants’ fans at the lounge, that pitching duel brought back painful memories of the 1987 NLCS Game 6 match-up of Dave Dravecky and John Tudor. The Giants lost 1-0 when Candy Maldanado lost Tony Pena’s routine fly ball in the lights and thereby turned a sure out into a triple and the only run of the game. Ughhh.

But hey, 1987 truly seems like a long time ago. And even longer when you realize it was also the year Buster Posey was born!

Yo, Judy another round for the lads… and keep the change darlin’.


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