“Yo, bartender, Jobu needs a refill!”

More scribbles from the Powder River Lounge

The Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants went head-to-head with home dates over the last three games (9/12 – 9/14) and it wasn’t even close. All three of the Giants’ games against the Padres were sold-out, with an average of 41,129 per game (123,660 for the series). The A’s playing the Angels drew an average attendance of 13,604 per game (40,813 for the series). So the A’s didn’t even draw for their series what the Giants drew for one game! For the year, the Giants have drawn 3,249,895 fans (2nd in the NL) The A’s have drawn 1,334,931 (14th or last in the AL). The Giants are handing the A’s a major league butt-kicking when it comes to putting butts in the seats. And that’s the real Moneyball.

Speaking of Moneyball, (which opens soon in theaters) you have to wonder if there’s one major flaw in Billy Beane’s innovative thinking and statistical ranking of players is that it doesn’t include EKG.  EKG stands for HEART. In 2010, the Giants had three players with below average stats based on the Moneyball criteria. But their EKGs were off the charts!  I’m talking about Cody Ross, Juan Uribe, and Edgar Renteria. And just how do you calculate EKG? Clutch Hits + Game Pressure + Desire to Win = EKG. Which stands for HEART.  “You gotta have heart, miles and miles of heart…” to win a World Series Championship.


By the way, I give the A’s props for offering a free movie pass to see Moneyball with the purchase of an A’s ticket. Good marketing tie-in. Now you have to wonder if the movie will be a hit? Pass the popcorn..

In a nutshell here’s why the Giants won’t be playing in October this year. First, the good news: The 2011 team ranks 2nd in NL pitching with a 3.10 ERA. Unfortunately, the Giants also rank dead last in the NL when it comes to team batting average (.239) and runs scored (503). Ouch!

P.S. Congratulations to Carlos Beltran on his 300th career HR. And his first ever Splash HR at AT&T Park! Hopefully, he can add to both these totals in a Giants uniform next season.

It’s closing time at the Powder River Lounge, I gotta run…



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