Section 13 / Row 6 / Seats 18 & 19

Candlestick Park
Upper Stands Reserve / Section 13 / Row 6 / Seats 18 & 19

These were the upper-deck seats at Candlestick Park held by Alma & Bob Hadley from 1962 until the mid ‘70s. They were my grandmother and grandfather. My brothers and I learned how to be Giants fans from grandma, and learned the game of baseball from grandpa. I have a lifetime of wonderful memories around Sundays at the ‘Stick. Many were doubleheaders : A sweep was grand! A split was ok. Two losses sheer misery.

Their seats were located about midway between home and 1st base. And Candlestick was also a midway point for our family get-togethers. Because we lived in San Jose and grandma and grandpa lived in Sebastopol, Candlestick became the center of our universe for Giants games, baseball education, and family fun for hours, days, and years on end. We also learned survival skills. Mom always made sure we came layered. A sunny afternoon could start out with us basking in t-shirts and shorts and end-up foggy, windy, and cold with us shivering under jackets and blankets! It was always soda pop for game one, hot cocoa for game two.

Years later, I learned the scientific truth why the second game was always so damn windy! (And it had nothing to do with us making the baseball gods angry by going to get something to eat while the Giants were batting.)

Grandpa died in February 1977. And grandma passed away in March 1995.

Because I was never able to pick-up the baseball better anywhere else in the park, I bought these two seats again for the Giants’ last three seasons at the ‘Stick (1997-99). And when the Giants moved to their new ballpark in 2000, we got season tickets in View Reserve / Section 308 / Row 8 / Seats 19 & 20.

Located about midway between home and heaven.


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