Torture deuxième partie

Brian Wilson never, ever does anything nice and easy. Let’s take last night’s thrilling 6-5 Giants win over the D-backs, with 1st place in the NL West on the line. After two fairly quick ground-outs in the 9th Wilson issues two walks and a wild pitch! So, not only is the tying run 90 feet away, the winning run is in scoring position and the D-backs hottest hitter Stephen Drew is up. Now anything can happen: from a seeing-eye single, Texas-leaguer to a walk-off blast and the D-backs would win the game and take over first place. Instead, Wilson gets Drew on a called strike three (shades of Ryan Howard that ended the 2010 NLCS) and the Giants WIN! But more importantly, the TORTURE had ended. And pain gave way to the thrill of victory. At least until tonight when more torture will have us doing the davenport dance, sofa squeeze, and couch cringe all over again. Torture douce!



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