Chicks Dig The Long Ball…

Nate Shierholtz’s blast to the 3rd deck at Coors Field (4-18-11) is still the longest home run hit by a Giant in 2011. Did you know there’s a site that measures the true distance of home runs? Greg Rybarczyk, a former naval engineer, runs from his home near Portland, analyzing trajectories, velocities, and atmospheric data to provide the “true distance” of home runs. From Rybarczyk we get:

Just Enoughs (JE), which clear the wall with no more than ten vertical feet to spare;
No Doubts (ND), which carry more than fifty feet beyond the wall; and
Plentys (PL), which fall somewhere in between and account for roughly half of all homers.

P.S. OK… it just came to my attention that chicks no longer dig the long ball..
it’s now the fastball!


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