Putting butts in the seats…Giants marketing campaigns over the years.

Giants Advertising/Marketing Slogans*

1971: The Year of the Fox
(Veteran club makes postseason, and fans will wait 16 years for a return to playoffs)

1981: These Giants Came to Play
(And go on strike! Team finishes 56-55)

1982-1983: Take a Giant Step and Go
(Yeah, but go where?)

1984: C’mon Giants, Hang In There
(Fans that hang in there for extra innings night games are awarded the coveted Croix de Candlestick!) Best promo ever!!

1985: Real Grass, Real Sunshine, Real Baseball!
(Team loses 100 games.. Well 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!)

1986: You Gotta Like These Kids
(Will Clark and Robby Thompson still in diapers!)

1987: Humm Baby, It’s Gonna Be Fun!
(Roger Craig’s expression ignites team to postseason!)

1988: Humm Baby, Let’s Do It Again
(Just like Hollywood… Humm Baby 2. Real creative)

1989: I Feel Good!
(The theme song of a convicted felon… Sorry James)

1990: I’ve Got a Giant Attitude
(Graphic used illustration of Will Clark in full eye black)

1997: Giants Baseball, Anything Can Happen
(aka “Team of Dustiny”)

1999: Tell It Good-Bye
(Nice homage to Lon Simmons’ signature HR call and adios to da ‘Stick)

2003: Bring It Home
(As in Home Runs Bring It!)

2004: The Place To Be
(If you’re Barry Bonds)

2006-2007: YOUR San Francisco Giants
(And OUR Barry Bonds!)

2008: All Out, All Season
(In reality: All outs, All season long! Timmy a Cy of relief.)

2009: Let’s Play: Your SF Giants Are In Town
(Team infects fans with SBA – Situational Baseball Anxiety)

2010: It’s Magic Inside
(In reality: GIANTS’ BASEBALL – TORTURE! World Series Champions!!)

2011: Together We’re Giant
(Like Brian Wilson says, “Let’s turn down the attitude and turn up the volume!”)

* Thanks to Hank @ It’s Bye, Bye Baby!


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