Pass the peanuts and holy water!

We baptized our son (Jared) at Candlestick Park on August 18, 1985. It was his very first major league game! The Giants played the Dodgers twice. First, in an old-timers game that featured Willie McCovey! And in the real game, which followed, the Giants (who’d lose 100 games that season) won a thriller in the 10th with two outs (2-1) against a Dodger team headed to the post-season. HOLY COMEBACK!

My wife and I still talk about that game as one of the things we like best about baseball. Day games at the ‘Stick (not as much wind), lots of sunshine, extra innings, and beating LA! Of course, one of the first things Jared learned to speak was “BEAT LA!” What kind of parent teaches their kid to say “BEAT LA?” The best kind.

By the way, Mike Krukow didn’t get the W, but he did out duel Orel Hershiser with 8 superb innings of work.

Here’s a link to the box score at Baseball Almanac:


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