The Pete Rose / Bruce Bochy Collision At The Plate (1980 NLCS)

With all the sadness and frustration around the recent Scott Cousins / Buster Posey collision, I found this image and video of the Pete Rose / Bruce Bochy collision from the 1980 NLCS playoffs. Although Bochy didn’t suffer a serious injury like Posey, the similarities between the two collisions are eerie. You’ll notice Bochy didn’t catch the ball either, was in front of the plate, and Rose also laid him out. Here’ the link to view the collision at the plate (about 3/4 way in.. you may have to copy and paste)





  1. Michael Parente

    I dont think that was Bruce Bochy… too much of a coincidence with him manging Giants… and too long ago. The name began with a P. almost like Pujols first name Luis I think.

  2. punkyg

    No. That was Bruce Bochy. If you look on his baseball card you’ll see he was on the Astros in 1980. Didn’t play much. And played even less in the post season. In fact, that was the only game in the NLCS he played in. Another thing about the play is you’ll notice Bochy is waiting for a throw from left field so he can see Rose coming down the line. Buster was waiting on a throw from right field, so didn’t have Cousins in his field of view.

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