Where the hell is “Powder River?”

OK… Every Giant fan knows where McCovey Cove is, but how many Giants fans know the location (and meaning) of Powder River? It’s no secret former Giants owner Horace Stoneham was a big fan of home runs. Indeed, Horace’s obsession with home runs clearly put the Giants franchise on a path of finding, drafting and signing power hitters. (Often to the detriment of pitching.) Horace loved the long ball and his expression of approval when a Giant homered was “Powder River!” It was also his nickname for Orlando Cepeda in the early ’60s. As such, the Giants have a rich history of powerful home run hitters. No other organization can match the number of all-time home run leaders (who started or finished their careers with the Giants) at these benchmark levels.


700 HRs

Barry Bonds 762
600 HRs
Willie Mays 660
500 HRs
Willie McCovey 521
Mel Ott 511
400 Hrs
Dave Kingman 442
300 HRs
Orlando Cepeda 379
Matt Williams 378
Chili Davis 350
George Foster 348
Jack Clark 340
Bobby Bonds 332
200 HRs
Will Clark 284
Bobby Thomson 264
Felipe Alou 206
Bill White 202

Powder River!”



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