Splash Grand Slam! Giants Win!

Yastrzemski’s first career grand slam with two outs in the eighth inning capped an improbable comeback for the Giants, who erased a seven-run deficit to rally for a wild 9-8 win over the free-falling Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday night in San Francisco!!🧡💦⚾️💦🖤

Sweet swing Yaz!🧡⚾️🖤

What The Hell Was I Thinking?🤔⚾️📝

On Saturday I participated in the 52nd Annual Cabell Baseball Draft (via Microsoft Teams online.. Thanks Lauren!). And for once, I like my picks.🤞🏼I should point out this is the oldest Fantasy Baseball League in the World!⚾️📝⚾️ It’s a keeper league, with it’s own peculiar set of rules and regulations. For starters, there are only three STATS that count: WINS (2pts.); HRs (1pt.); and SAVES (1pt.). Sure it sounds simple, but it’s definitely more complicated than it looks!

The ages of the 16 Franchises in this league range from 93 to 20 something. You must have a player at each position, with five Starters and one Closer. Each year, the first two picks (And the DH) in the draft have to be thrown back into the pool at the end of the season. All picks from the 3rd Round on are keepers. And you are only allowed to keep 10 players on your Roster at the end of the season. So choose wisely!

The Annual Cabell Draft over the years. In 2004, we drafted on Catalina Island. RIP Mort!🏝⚾️🏝

Here’s my 2021 Roster:

My 2021 Powder River Franchise⚾️💥⚾️💥⚾️

I got some Hardball Bashers (if they can stay healthy) and a few young, up & comers. All my Outfielders are HR Studs! Giancarlo Stanton (NYY) Franmil Reyes (CLE), and Kyle Schwarber (WAS).

My outfielders: Franmil Reyes (CLE), Giancarlo Stanton (NYY), Kyle Schwarber (WAS) mashers all!

However, my pitchers are questionable, and my Closer (Amir Garrett) has only one Save in the “Show” so far. But “Say Hey” Opening Day is on Thursday, and on paper (at least), I like my chances to finish in the money this year. “Hope Springs Training Eternal!”⚾️🙏⚾️

P.S. In loving memory of Dan DeBarr (2002) and Bob DeBarr (2016)⚾️🌹⚾️🌹⚾️

“You’re never too old for fantasy baseball. It’ll keep you young forever!” Johnny G.⚾️⭐️⚾️😉